FKA Twigs.


We need to talk about FKA Twigs. If you don’t know who she is, get in the know. She’s killed the scene with her immense mystery that strikes every person who sees her. Not only that, but her method of raising hype is as delicate as her music. She’s put her name out in the atmosphere just barely enough, such that anytime a new drop of her music is released, it gains millions of views on YouTube. That mystery has built FKA Twigs up so high that her music video for Water Me has more than 3 million views.

Similar to the previous post about Mø, FKA Twigs manages to walk the fine line between gaining hype authentically and using traditional platforms in unique ways. For example, she releases very few interviews, but when she does she makes a point to make clear her shyness and nervousness around becoming a famous musician. As such, she creates an authentic understanding among her fans of these tendencies, making them feel connected and understanding of her ways as if they have insight into the musician like no one else.

FKA Twigs has garnered massive levels of success even prior to an album release and her EP release under a different name (Twigs). She maintains a consistent style and aesthetic in her extremely minimal music videos and rare live performances. This method of releasing content that is highly controlled by the artist allows the hype to be managed and predictable; this is precisely the space that FKA Twigs and her team exist in currently. As such, they are in the ideal space prior to the release of a debut album, because they will be able to predict and likely meet the expectation of sales and response as they’ve tracked and payed extremely close attention to each release up until this point.

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