Maintain An Interactive Spotify

Spotify statistics on increased listenership

According to the Nielsen Soundscan end of year in Music report for 2013, 68% of the U.S. population have streamed music in the last year. This is huge – and it enforces the innate importance of keeping an artist’s streaming services in top shape. Streaming can include YouTube, Spotify, Rhapsody, Pandora, 8Tracks, and other syndicate sites of YouTube sources. Similarly, by February of 2014, Digital Media News reported that Pandora and YouTube collectively dominate 65% of streaming listenership.

All of this suggests just how crucial it is to ensure that your artists have a strong presence on each of these platforms. If a fan has to click through more than two-three searches in google to find audio/visual content on your artist, its too hard for them and they will likely give up. However, if a fan can get to the highest viewed video/audio on YouTube or Spotify in under a few seconds, you’ve hooked them. Not only that, but once they’ve reached that content, the sacred “follow” is far more likely to occur depending on the reception of that content by the given fan.

Ease of clicks is crucial, but if that exists and the content isn’t there, the former is worthless. In the same way that Pitchfork has a spotify that allows fans who follow their page to see what tracks they’re “listening to”, folk gurus Hurray for the Riff Raff have a spotify page that allows fans to see what they’re listening to at the current moment. On the live feed to the right of any fan’s spotify, one is able to see a link to “Hurray for the Riff Raff is listening to…” This kind of interaction allows a fan to feel close to the artist; it allows them to feel as if they are Facebook friends with that band, and to know that they too are relaxing listening to a song or on the train zoning out listening to a track.

Moral of the story: make every attempt at discovery by a fan the most simple endeavor; ensure that the end of a line of clicks yields worthwhile content that makes the fan feel genuinely connected and involved with their new favorite artist.

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