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Upon┬áscouring the contents of Nielsen’s End of Year Report, one is struck by the crossover among┬áthe top 10 lists. But prior to that similarity, the report breaks down digital sales by genre. Rock, Pop, and R&B excel at an astounding rate in the 200,000s followed closely behind by Country. Of course, all of this is not surprising, but it is worth noting the continued momentum that these genres maintain. Across these genres lie consistent individuals in top 10 categories such as Top Selling Albums, Top Selling Digital Songs, Top Selling Artists, Top Selling Digital Albums and more. Justin Timberlake graces most of these top 10 lists at least once, as well as bands like Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars.

Perhaps these chart toppers are no surprise, but it is valuable to note just how immense the continued crossover success can be when an artist is able to harness the fans of multiple genres and consumer habits. The power of a hit song is that it impacts people of every race, class, gender, and more. Once these thresholds are crossed, the consumers of varied habits participate in propelling the success of that artist in their own ways. As such, success is defined by such an expansive array of individuals that it is pushed to extremes.

Of course not every artist is aiming for these sorts of chart topping success levels, but it is worth noting the crossover nature that many of these artists manifest.

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