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Helping artists succeed for over three decades.

Music Distribution

Music Distribution

We offer digital and physical distribution options. Get your music in front of your audience however they consume music.

Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Online Marketing

We are specialists in growing followers and engagement. We help you find the voice of your brand to better connect with your audience.

Artist Management

Booking Services

Looking for someone to book gigs and to help you get shows? If we think you've got what it takes, we can help.

artist management

Artist Management

Our experienced management team offers guidance and opportunities for artists & bands that we feel we can help.

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Next Release


Travis Linville

We help artists ready to take the next step.

Our Ideal Client

We have been serving artists and assisting them with their careers for over 50 years combined. These days we specialize in three areas:

Music Distribution: We offer both digital and physical distribution. Why use us instead of CD Baby or another service? We can get Apple reps and Spotify reps on the phone.

Social Marketing & Advertising: Our marketing experts offer several options to maximize your visibility, reach, and engagement. Whether you’re just getting started, need a social media refresh, or want to grow what’s already working, we offer both organic and advertising options to grow your brand.

Artist Management: We offer our management services to specific artists that we feel match our skillset, vision, and passion for music.

Who is our ideal client?

If you need music distribution, we can help every artist.

If you need social marketing & advertising help, we work best with artists who want to be an active participant in their social media presence and need guidance on how to grow, and need management or technical (graphics/video editing, etc) help.

Artist management is reserved for unique artists that we feel we can help and whose careers we can impact positively. However, with most clients we’re available for consultation, and can often help suggest and connect you with 3rd party creators such as video producers, photographers, publicity people, and more.


Years Experience


Artist Awards



Independent artist, Top 10 finisher on The Voice.

Meet CEN Artist Kat Robichaud

A personal and targeted approach to online marketing


What do you want from your social media profiles? Let’s talk about your voice and your audience and how you related to your fans.

Goal Setting

We’ll help you formulate SMARTER goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Bound, Evaluated, and Reviewed.


Now we’re in position to create a custom social media plan to accomplish your goals. The plan includes KPIs to track our progress.


We will review and adjust the social media plan on a monthly basis to adjust to social, cultural, and social media trends.

Vinny Rich
Jessica Ricciuti
Ben Snyder
Billy Conklin
Adam Pollock

About us

Who we are

CEN is an artist driven company that develops custom full-service marketing, management, and distribution campaigns through their relationship with Sony’s Orchard Music. 

  • All marketing plans are custom built, taking into consideration our clients’ needs and budgets.
  • CEN assembles and product manages a strategic team who work in concert on your release.
  • We charge a low distribution fee and strive to keep all marketing plans affordable. Clients are paid all income from sales and streaming less the distribution fee.

With over 50 combined years in the music business CEN prides itself on utilizing old school methodology in conjunction with 21st century technology. Release options range from full service distribution to all-encompassing marketing campaigns, with the goal of moving artists higher on the ladder to success than where they are currently.

It is always our goal to be artist driven, maintain the artist’s credibility, and be guided by the artist’s vision. CEN takes no ownership of masters, copyrights or publishing and the artist/client always has the final say in all decisions.


What they are saying

Charlie Feldman

Charlie Feldman, Vice President, Creative, BMI

Both Vinny and Adam are experts in the recorded music business and their work ethic is second to none. In this day and age the services that CEN provides are vital to the recording artist. I trust Vinny’s and Adam’s talents and knowledge implicitly.

Greg Calbi

Greg Calbi, Mastering Engineer, Sterling Sound Mastering

No one out there now can help the emerging artist to navigate the current confusing landscape of music marketing better than CEN. Every one of the clients I’ve directed their way has been educated and nourished by the care and professionalism which Vinny Rich and Adam Pollock provide to help bring their music to their potential audience.

Al Moss

Al Moss - Al Moss Productions

I am always happy to connect artists with Vinny and Adam because I know they will be treated with the care, honesty, integrity, respect, and professionalism that they deserve, and that their music will be given it’s best chance for success. They are passionate about good music and know good music when they hear it.

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Digital Distribution. Social Media Marketing & Advertising.


Featured Playlist

The Importance of Playlists

DSP’s (Digital Service Provider) like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music and YouTube Music have become much more than a platform for your music, but a tool for growth. A spot on a playlist can really help boost your track and expand your audience like never before. After all, there are over 4 billion playlists on Spotify! And data shows that over a third of listening time is spent on user-generated playlists.

The power of smaller and user-generated playlists

Of course, we all want to get on those major label and editorial playlists – and we recommend all artists go about pitching to Spotify Editorial playlists, through your Spotify for Artists page – but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all. And with the sheer amount of music being released every day, don’t get down on yourself if you don’t land one of these major playlists.

Starting with smaller, independent playlists is a great way to work your way up, especially if you’re unsigned or up-and-coming. It’s a better way of building your fanbase as you are getting your music in front of the right people who could go on to be long-term fans. Starting with smaller, more niche playlists also gives you more of a chance of getting a spot on one – someone with fewer followers is more likely to listen to your pitch than someone with hundreds of thousands. Some people argue that getting on a smaller, niceh or genre based playlist is even more valuable than a mixed playlist such as New Music Friday, as the followers of these smaller playlists are dedicated fans who will engage with your type of sound.

Featuring on smaller playlists created by independent curators is one of the best ways to raise your amount of plays, and expose you to tastemakers and the big shots at Spotify or Apple Music etc. who might then take notice of you and add you to the main playlists.

Think of them the same way you would with gigs, i.e playing smaller venues, stunning the crowds, and increasing over time until you have enough of a following to hit that arena show. It grows your momentum and gives labels, managers, booking agents and radio stations a chance to see how well you perform.

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