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Johnny Manchild

Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards is a genre-defying American ensemble that’s taking the music world by storm. Founded in 2016 by Johnny Manchild (vocals, keys, composition, and production), and featuring members Ethan Neel (drums), Ben Wood (trumpet), Alex Coleman (bass), Isaac Stalling (guitar), and Eric Neel (saxophone), the band has gained a dedicated and passionate fanbase through their unique fusion of jazz, alt-rock, world music, and funk. The band’s unique sound even caught the attention of music critic Anthony Fantano, who famously dubbed himself “The Only Music Critic Who Matters”, and asked “what gives them the right to be this good?” With over 20 million streams, 4 albums, and a constantly evolving line-up of up to 10 collaborators, the Poor Bastards are always pushing the boundaries of music and creativity, and have become a true collective in their own right, with Johnny Manchild at the helm.
Johnny Manchild - We Did Not Ask For This Room album cover
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