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Playing live is at the core of every musician’s world, and there’s no better way of connecting with existing and potential fans that getting up on stage and baring your soul. It’s what drives the artist/audience relationship.

Yet booking shows can be an arduous task, and is one that many musicians aren’t comfortable with.

Thankfully there are booking agents whose whole day is doing just that. However, since most agents are paid a percentage of what the artist is paid per show (typically 10%), unless the artist is selling a decent number of tickets there’s little incentive for an agent to sign a new and developing art.

Also taking into account the countless hours of routing, finding avails and having the relationships that can move the needle and the 10 to 20 emails or more on each show.

The touring financials of a successful band are fascinating, and worthy of a deeper dive, but for instance, 15 shows x 1,000 tix each @ $25 = $375,000 gross, of which the agent would make $37,500. There’s money in them thar hills!

CEN has developed an alternate model that works for developing bands who aren’t ready, or able, to sign with a booking agent yet. For an affordable monthly retainer one of our inhouse agents will work as an agent for hire, helping develop a strategy for touring, then reaching out to clubs and promoters to book shows on the artist’s behalf. Once shows are booked our ‘agent’ will contract and connect all the dots to make sure all aspects of the show are communicated and the performance is executed for maximum potential.

And if the relationship and act develops to the point where they are selling tickets, our agent can move to the more traditional 10% model.

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What they are saying

Travis Linville

Travis Linville

After many years of working as a performing songwriter and musician, it was only when I joined up with CEN that I began to reach new audiences and people started paying attention. Vinny and Adam are honest hard-working guys who truly care about the music and what is best for the artists they work with. That’s the most and artist could hope for in a management or promotion team

Al Moss

Kat Robichaud, Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret/The Voice

It is an absolute pleasure working with Adam and Vinny. They have taken an interest in my career for many years and have helped to guide me in the right direction, including helping me get an audition for The Voice, which I then ended up reaching the top 10 finals. They are always there when I need help, especially in navigating this crazy music industry. I know I can trust them to give me the best advice. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this business.

Chris McKhool

Chris McKhool, Sultans of String

I really love working with the team at CEN. Together we have created great marketing plans and in 2017 we hit the NY Times Hit List and Billboard World Music charts with our Christmas Caravan album, totally surpassing my expectations! Thanks CEN for being so responsive and always putting your artists first. I feel like I am in great hands.

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