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Music Distribution

Get Your Music Everywhere People Get Their Music

There are many inexpensive self-service options for artists who are just getting started can use. We are a different kind of music distribution company. We are a relationship driven company, and we’ve developed relationships with people at all of the major companies involved in music distribution. That gives us the ability to influence positioning and the ability to resolve any issues that may come up very quickly. If you’re tired of cookie cutter music distribution and want more support, we might be right for you.

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Digital Distribution

CEN provides personalized release planning, sales support, and an array of physical and digital distribution options through our over twelve-year relationship with The Orchard/Sony. We work with each client on the right strategy for single, album, and video releases, and liaise directly with account reps at The Orchard to maximize awareness at Spotify, Apple Music and iTunes, Amazon, and others.

We work with clients to ensure that they are utilizing each store’s Artists Account and adhering to their best practices. Through our relationship with The Orchard, we are able to pitch focus tracks for potential playlisting, and we work with their label services team to determine the key highlights to include in your pitch. CEN services 3rd party curated playlists, music blogs and alternative outlets that fit your music, typically pitching to over 50 lists per track/album over a two-week period.

We strongly advise setting up singles and all releases far in advance of their release, so we are able to put together a strong pitch and begin strategizing promotional opportunities, such as a Spotify Follow campaign. Pitches need to be submitting 5 weeks in advance of their release date, so it’s crucial we have enough time to set up products and create a pitch.

In addition to Spotify, we help our artists access their individual artist’s pages on Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube and Shazam and work with them on utilizing the various features associated with each platform to help reach potential fans. We’re also able to help set up artwork and maintain other DSP’s that don’t have artist pages, such as Amazon, Deezer and Tidal. Each individual platform has specific strategies that allow artists to find new fans, and we work closely with our artist to make sure we have a plan for each platform.

Physical Distribution

We can distribute CD and Vinyl through the Orchard’s physical sales teams. Details on target markets and stores can be strategized based on current fan base.


CEN has long standing relationships with numerous, well trusted Radio indies at all formats. Sometimes a record requires a multi format push that requires a multi format indies or in some
cases more hands on the wheel.

Set up strategy:

We recommend starting a radio promotion campaign with the following roll out.

  • Send a digital copy of the radio single, via Play MPE.
  • Follow that with a CD mailing to radio for the album oriented stations that won’t deal with singles. (when needed)
  • One week later we would send a Media e-blast to all my (Radio Format) radio contacts containing links to stream or download the full album, bio, album art, tour dates, etc. in anticipation of the official radio add date the following Monday.
  • Send a follow up Play MPE blast of the single once there are enough call letters and some new press coverage to shout about.
  • Videos. Tour dates, bio points and press can be added to PLAY MPE’s as well.

The Indie(s) Follow up with phone calls and individual emails will continue throughout the campaign to solicit airplay and keep programmers abreast of new developments such as growing chart momentum, press coverage, TV appearances, streaming activity on interactive digital platforms, record sales, social media buzz, etc…

Touring is key to the success of any radio campaign. We put a lot of emphasis in setting up in-studios at radio along the tour route to garner additional air time and to give our team the opportunity to make a direct connection with radio programmers, hopefully leading them to become invested in not only the new album but in Artists career for the long haul.

Radio airplay rarely happens in a vacuum. It will be important to keep indies posted on all other developments from the publicity, social media, digital and physical sales, sync licensing, and touring components of the campaign so that we have fresh talking points with radio week in and week out.

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Ali Cosimini

Meet Your Rep: Ali Cosimini

Ali Cosimini’s role as Project Manager for CEN has stemmed from her deep-rooted passion for music. When she’s not admiring the soft croons of Frank Sinatra, or crying tears of joy at Bruce Springsteen concerts, she is getting her groove on to the goddess that is Beyonce. In order to pursue a career in the music industry, Ali moved from Boston to NYC and began interning, and eventually working with Sony Music International. She now loves working for CEN and living in NYC, and enjoys frequent visits from her beloved family dog, Rosie.

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