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We Specialize in Leveling Up Your Career With Smart Online Marketing

To succeed in today’s ultra competitive music climate, a musician needs a brand, a plan, a team, and the ability to execute a multifaceted marketing campaign that involves the musician’s website, community management, online pr campaigns, and social media advertising.

When all of these elements work together they create a multiplier effect resulting in much better results than if each one were done alone or without the support of the other pieces.

We specialize in creating impactful marketing campaigns for musicians that grow their audience and their reach.

Our team has been doing marketing for artists for over 53 years. We’ve worked together as a team for over 20 years and have helped thousands of artists accelerate their careers.


You’ve likely been a “content creator” for ages before you ever first heard that phrase. You write music, lyrics, perform your own music, and you probably perform other people’s music too. You’re creating content every time you do these things and the Internet’s economy is 100% based on content.

The point is, you’re a natural at the most fundamental aspect of having an online presence. Your career exists to support that content and we exist to support you and your career.

What you need is a dedicated team to make sure everything happens according to plan. This is how we achieve the marketing multiplier effect.


The biggest problem most artists have is that they don’t understand how effective online marketing works. It’s understandable. There are many different components to a successful marketing plan and it’s necessary to understand how they all fit together to create the biggest impact.

That’s where we come in. We make the complex, easy. We break down how marketing for an artist is really about artist development. It’s about taking you from the level where you are now and elevating you and your brand to the next level.


When you look at successful companies, like Apple or Tesla, they create plans before getting to work. Most musicians do not.

We begin with background research. We want to know about you and your history. Then we research your fans. Who are they and where are they? This is the foundation for creating a successful marketing plan.

Our marketing plans are comprehensive in nature and are a complete road map for the next year of your career. They include:

  • Background research
  • Branding & style guide
  • Social media content guide
  • Distribution and streaming platform assessment
  • Music release plan
  • Touring guide
  • 12 month plan
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Vinny Rich

Vinny Rich


Adam Pollock

Adam Pollock

General Manager

Ali Cosimini

Ali Cosimini

Project Manager

Joy Collingbourne

Joy Collingbourne


Jessica Ricciuti

Jessica Ricciuti

Social Media Advertising

Ben Snyder

Ben Snyder

Social Media Marketing

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Travis Linville


What they are saying

Travis Linville

Travis Linville

After many years of working as a performing songwriter and musician, it was only when I joined up with CEN that I began to reach new audiences and people started paying attention. Vinny and Adam are honest hard-working guys who truly care about the music and what is best for the artists they work with. That’s the most and artist could hope for in a management or promotion team

Al Moss

Kat Robichaud, Kat Robichaud’s Misfit Cabaret/The Voice

It is an absolute pleasure working with Adam and Vinny. They have taken an interest in my career for many years and have helped to guide me in the right direction, including helping me get an audition for The Voice, which I then ended up reaching the top 10 finals. They are always there when I need help, especially in navigating this crazy music industry. I know I can trust them to give me the best advice. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone in this business.

Chris McKhool

Chris McKhool, Sultans of String

I really love working with the team at CEN. Together we have created great marketing plans and in 2017 we hit the NY Times Hit List and Billboard World Music charts with our Christmas Caravan album, totally surpassing my expectations! Thanks CEN for being so responsive and always putting your artists first. I feel like I am in great hands.

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